Monday, 26 September 2011

Denim Jackpot

I just wanted to put forth a few good words for this wonderful company that I have come across recently:

Raleigh Denim

For those of you that have lost hope in ever finding good denim, here is your robin hood.

Each pair is made by hand, from REAL denim ~ yes ~ the jeans you are sitting there wearing are more than likely not the real thing.........thats why they fall apart in a few years time.
But I don't want to just focus on the fabulous jeans themselves.
The real gem of Raleigh Denim is this:

They keep their artisans on american soil.  They use as much product and supply as they can from american soil. And they choose to uphold to the greatest standard of business: Quality over Quantity.

Now wouldn't it be something if more companies followed these same standards......we might actually have jobs in this country!

Alright, I've done my bit of patriotism for the year ~ now lets go buy some jeans.

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