Thursday, 3 November 2011


I've come to terms that it takes a LOT longer to get the dust settled on a new business.  A LOT.   What I thought would take meager months I now realize will take better part of a year- or more.  From getting a grasp on the "image" of the brand, to actually creating the product, to marketing, to figuring out all this fancy shmancy computer stuff- and I mean it is FANCY!  You graphic designers are a whole other breed.
It's all a matter of itsy bitsy baby steps.  It's kind of funny to even be talking so seriously since this is just my wee little etsy shop we are talking here but as my mama always says: if you're gonna do it, ya might as well do it right.
So my advice for all of you awesome self starters out there is: Be Patient.  We did not bust out of the womb walking.  It took a little while, as it will for your business, no matter how incredibly genius of an idea it is. Have your meltdowns over time ticking, wallow around in despair from things not happening fast enough, and then get up and keep going.  Its not really so much about having a great idea or being super duper talented.  What I believe distinguishes the winners from the losers is endurance.  The winners get knocked down just as much as anybody else BUT they choose to get back up. Again and again and again...............and again. 

So throw those shoulders back, take a deep breath, and march on.
See you next time.